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General Maintenance at Toyota of Lincoln Park

Not sure what general maintenance your Toyota needs? Toyota of Lincoln Park’s expert technicians are here to help. Our Toyota-trained service technicians will share everything you need to know to keep your Toyota performing its best. Toyota of Lincoln Park’s Service Center is committed to providing exceptional, accurate, and speedy service and repairs to your Toyota. Our technicians use Genuine Toyota Synthetic Motor Oil and Genuine Toyota Parts. Our Toyota Certified Service Technicians will only recommend compatible parts and accessories for service and repairs, to ensure the best performance from your vehicle.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Prioritizing a regular maintenance schedule will increase the lifespan of your Toyota. You can save money and improve the performance of your Toyota by self-assessing oil levels, tires, and brake pads, and keeping up with your Toyota’s regular maintenance schedule. Toyota recommends the following maintenance schedules:

10,000 Mile Service

  • Inspect Fluid Levels
  • Inspect Wiper Blades
  • Inspect and Rotate Tires
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter
  • Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter

30,000 Mile Service

  • Inspect Brake Pads, Lines, and Hoses
  • Inspect Fuel Filter
  • Inspect Engine Coolant, Radiator, and Condenser
  • Suspension and Shock Inspection
  • Tire Replacement and Alignment

60,000 Mile Service

  • Replace Battery as Needed
  • Inspect Brake Rotors, Replace as Needed
  • Inspect wear on Belts and Hoses, Replace as Needed

90,000 Mile Service

  • Top to Bottom Inspection
  • Check Spark Plugs – Replace as Needed
  • Inspect Vehicle Safety Technology Features

What to Expect at Toyota of Lincoln Park

At Toyota of Lincoln Park, you can expect friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive staff and a comfortable area to wait during your service. Our Toyota-trained technicians and staff are eager to serve the Chicago area in a fast and efficient manner. To schedule an appointment, do so through our online form, by giving us a call at  (312) 300-0921, or by stopping into the Toyota of Lincoln Park Service Center.

Tire Rotations and Changes

Tire Rotations and Changes

To keep your vehicle running properly and safely, you must get your tires inspected regularly. Tire rotations aid in the longevity of your tires, we recommend getting them rotated when you come in for regular service appointments.

If you need new tires, our Toyota experts will be able to pair your vehicle with compatible tires that will keep up with your lifestyle. Our technicians will take into account the make of your vehicle, the way you drive, and the roads you travel on to help pair you with the best tires.

Toyota Battery Service

Battery Service

Your vehicle’s battery should typically last five years, though depending on your driving habits the lifespan may be more or less. Your Toyota’s battery is essential in ensuring optimized performance and starting your vehicle.

If you notice dim lights, or experience difficulty starting your car, we recommend you bring your vehicle in immediately. Our service technicians will be able to inspect and test your car battery to determine if there is any corrosion, loose wire, or other signs of wear and tear.

Toyota oil change

Oil Changes

Maintaining a regular oil-changing schedule is imperative in optimizing the performance of your vehicle. It is recommended to check your oil level once a month and change the oil every 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the oil that’s best suited for your vehicle.

If you notice that your car’s engine is hotter than usual, dark smoke is coming from your exhaust, or your oil has an unusual consistency, we recommend you make an appointment as soon as possible to get your oil changed.

Toyota breaks maintenance

Brakes Maintenance

Brakes are your vehicle’s first line of defense when it comes to avoiding a collision and ensuring the safety of you and your passengers. We recommend that you have your brakes inspected regularly to inspect for wear and tear, so if there are any issues they can be fixed before an issue arises.

Brakes should typically be replaced every 60,000 miles, though driving habits may need to be replaced sooner. If you notice any grinding or squealing noises, vibrations, or pulsations when you brake, or if your brakes are responding slower than usual, we recommend you schedule an appointment at Toyota of Lincoln Park immediately.

Why Choose Our Service Center?

At Toyota of Lincoln Park, our team of highly trained Toyota technicians are eager to serve the Chicago area. Wherever you purchased your Toyota, Toyota of Lincoln Park Service Center will gladly provide anything from an oil change to a complicated repair. At Toyota of Lincoln Park, we not only provide Genuine Toyota Synthetic Motor but also genuine Toyota parts and premium service quality.

We are committed to offering efficient and proper service to keep your Toyota running like a Toyota. Toyota of Lincoln Park offers competitive pricing and opportunities for additional savings through our Service Specials. While you are waiting briefly during your Toyota Express Maintenance, you can enjoy our comfortable lounge with free Wi-Fi, coffee, and water.

Service FAQs

At Toyota of Lincoln Park Service Center, our technicians are Toyota Trained and Certified and work exclusively with Toyota vehicles. In addition to that, our service center offers genuine Toyota parts, service specials, and financing options.

Your Toyota’s oil change maintenance schedule depends on the type of oil you choose to put in your vehicle. If you chose the recommended synthetic oil, you should get it replaced every 7,500 miles. For conventional oil, it is recommended that you get it changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on the year of your vehicle and your driving habits.

The recommended oil for all newer Toyota makes is Synthetic oil. Synthetic oil has more evenly distributed oil and additives, helping to better lubricate the engine in your Toyota. 

Yes, you should rotate your Toyota’s tires every 5,000 miles or 6 months. Braking and turning corners transfer more weight to the front tires, causing them to wear quicker. Rotating your tires helps to evenly distribute the wear among the tires, therefore improving tire longevity.

Your driving habits and terrain will more accurately determine how often you should change your Toyota’s tires, however, a good rule of thumb is every 6 years.

You should get your Toyota’s brake pads replaced every 50,000 miles, or as soon as you begin noticing any grinding or squealing noises, vibrations or pulsations, or slow response when braking.

You should get your brake pads replaced if you notice grinding or squealing noises, vibrations or pulsations, or slow response when braking.

Depending on the age of your Toyota and your usage, your battery should last from 3 to 6 years.

If you notice your Toyota’s interior or exterior lights are dim, you are having electrical issues, or your vehicle is not starting, you should bring your vehicle to Toyota of Lincoln Park for a battery inspection. 

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